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Because financial structures still exist you will be referred to and aided with respect to project finance. We work with some very good professionals who understand the dynamics of change and can help greatly (Investors, Loans, Grants, Crowd-funding...)



Use the tools presented here to generate a new understanding of your business and
communicate with clarity your intensions to stockholders, bankers, clients, customers...
Communicate with clarity
your intension to fellow humans.


Marketing Solutions

Because local shops and stores have something unique to offer, they will always be around. Small shop owners aren't marketing professionals. We can help by providing a unique service to communicate more efficiently what you are all about.



I talk and write about topics related to my areas of expertise and interest. These topics include

  • The spiritual being in the workplace
  • Business organisation and models
  • Business architecture
  • Trends in how businesses are run,
  • Leadership and markets

Things seem quite wrong in the business world today. How can we insist on using the stock market to gauge the worth of a large business? How can we insist on defining any general rule in business in the 21st century? 

Everywhere you look, you find that society is changing. Many people are trying to make some sense of this "connection revolution" and many are famous. I'm an engineer with an international life and who has made very personal choices and very clearly, what I have to express doesn't suit everyone. However I feel that my point of view is backed by happy people and that my personal way of saying things has value. 

I like to think that the evolution of business parallels the evolution of society, and that both are spurred by a deeper evolution in humanity.

A business is not a system, nor an industry, nor an organization...

A business is not a system, nor an industry, nor an organization...

We are seeking our human-ness on a deeper, more spiritual level. We are understanding that lack is no longer the norm, abundance is: abundance of information, abundance of products, abundance of irresponsibility, abundance of dreams (broken and otherwise). We are realising that the business of making money is no longer relevant. 

Companies are no longer money machines. They are sources of inspiration and people connectors. 

Some say they are value machines, some say they are connection machines. I say they are no longer machines. They can be what we dream them to be: channels of expression, places of meeting and bonding, resources for our development or healing mechanisms for our souls. They can be all of this, one of these things, or something else all together because YOU have the right to give it the meaning you want,

I offer you the opportunity to read my blog if you wish, to connect to my Facebook or Linkedin pages if that inspires you.

Business is about people, dreaming people, busy people, lazy people...  all people!

Business is about people, dreaming people, busy people, lazy people...  all people!

I am also about finding different ways to help you if you find the navigation in this changing world challenging. I have really kicked the problem around a lot and I have learned many things over the years, which apply to business, integration, relocation, and adaptation. 

Many things that I have learned resolves around the notion that it makes no sense to cheat, deceive or treat anyone with contempt or disrespect, but those behaviours are still at the core of business today.

Businesses are no longer about organisations and procedures. Businesses are about PEOPLE.

People, and most specifically you as an individual, is what life is about. Working people, dreaming people, feeling people. People, therefore, are the only thing businesses should be about. 

People define themselves through their consciousness, through their creation and co-creation. People express themselves in as many ways as there are people. My ambition is to help one of you redefine the world so strongly that business will generate happiness and true humanity.

You can join me by reading my BLOG, sharing what you like, talking about what you love, and commenting on what you wish.

Yours truly,

Chris Chesneau

The story of a personal researcher in business organization, leadership, and market trends.

Chris Chesneau

Chris is French with a Canadian upbringing, he has worked in various European Countries and the USA. He is presently living in Monterrey, Mexico. 

An Engineer with a MASc from the University of Toronto (Canada) and an undergraduate degree from the University of Grenoble (France). He remains an entrepreneur and makes use of his management experience in International Corporations (Grace, Shell) and SMEs.

A man with a purpose: helping to put preoccupations of the human person at the core of business practices - or love and compassion as a business model.

For those passionate on the subject, the long version of his career resume is on LinkedIn.


A Graphic designer and globetrotter with experience in visual marketing and fashion.

Claudia Rivera

Claudia Rivera

Claudia was born and raised on the US-Mexico border: She is fluent in English and Spanish.

She is a Graphic Designer who has earned a Bachelors degree from the Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) and the Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey (CEDIM).

Self-employed for many years, she decided to team up with Chris to create BVAS SA de CV in Mexico.

Her role is very much marketing, and very much fashion and clothing with clients like Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, IZOD, Nike, Furla Fendi Perry Ellis, Kipling and Haggar.

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