I was commenting to a prospect the real interest of offering a mobile app service to brick-and-mortar businesses: that of unifying ones communication under one roof.

The consumer is a definite addict to smartphone, information, social networks and connection with his peer groups. It has become a habit to check things out on the web about about anything we consume: Restaurants, Movies, Toys, Clothes, Education, Sports, Professional help... whatever.

As a provider of a consumer service or product, literally offering a platform where relevant information can be found about your product is a serious consumer benefit.

Let's analyse what people do. According to Mobile Marketing Magazine

  • 48% of consumers use mobile to navigate to and discover shops
  • 46% do mobile price comparison while shopping
  • 40% of shoppers have made use of mobile couponing services
  • 33% of shoppers have used mobile payment services

This means the smartphone user goes on google to find products, then has to navigate to a price comparison app, then goes to the product site and goes for the coupon. Then he his redirected to a secure payment service for payment. 

This is a highly inefficient process. The need to simplify this process seems obvious. So why hasn't been done? Why are there no widespread use of an objective system that does all of this? 

I hypothesise that it is mainly due to the competitive nature of our sales network. 

Providers are reticent to offering services where that could direct consumers to the competition. This is perceived as against the providers best interest. I believe this isn't so! I believe that ultimately, when all participate in the common good, the tide rise all boats. The key being collaboration and good will.

In sticking with this fundamental belief in cooperation among us humans, a propose an not so original idea: Let's create a collaborative society of respectful humans. Ultimately the finances can always be worked out!