Connection is the next step in the evolution of life on Earth. I really do believe that humans are increasing their competence in empathy, telepathy and group consciousness. This can be noticed by the importance of humanitarian activities today. Billionaires like Bill Gates have started to join the movement and with him, the reason for doing business is shifting from making money to being helpful in some way. This change is totally exemplified by the incredible importance that internet, the cloud, interconnectedness in the world.

Another change that we are witness is dematerialisation. This is true with our spirituality, our  virtual digital reality and our "real" physicality. Our spiritual world is become more unified, less dependent on physical representations of deity on therefore more open to personal understanding and accepting. Our physical world has created a virtual reality along with a strong understanding that reality is whatever one makes it to be... on every level!

The story of Nokia

Famous Nokia phones from the 90's

Famous Nokia phones from the 90's

The story of Nokia seems almost inevitable, at least in hindsight. Nokia was a renowned supplier of electrical equipment throughout the 20th century. They foresaw the growing telephone industry and invested heavily on cellular phone technology in the 70's and 80's. They became world leaders in cell phones. They reigned supreme in the 90's and early 2000's.

Then something happened. No it wasn't Apple with it's iPhone that really damaged Nokia. It was the lack of understanding of what was happening in the world. The world did not need suppliers of great telephones. The world needed equipment to connect with one-another. The emphasis has moved to "connecting", and away from "communication" which was what phones were all about.

The moral of the tale

In his LinkedIn blog post, Ziyad Jawabra states that Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop ended his speech saying: “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”.

we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost
— Stephen Elop, ex Nokia CEO
Beyond communicating: Connecting with the players, connecting with the team, connecting with friends...

Beyond communicating: Connecting with the players, connecting with the team, connecting with friends...

Ziyad Jawabra goes on to say Nokia "missed out on learning". I truly think that it was NOT about learning. It was about lacking connection with higher purpose. The higher purpose of people in society has shifted from competing to collaborating, from fighting to negotiating, from communicating to connecting. This understanding doesn't come from learning. it come from being conscious of yourself, your purpose, your being. It comes from awakening to consciousness.

When you are trying to understand this changing world, either for yourself or for the business you care for, then try to get out of yourself, get out of your bubble, and connect with your true purpose. Inspiration will automatically follow. It's scientific!