As consumers, we are inundated with ads and commercials. As followers of twitter and Facebook, we are bombarded with posts and tweets. Sitting down in our couch, we watch TV, we are flooded by breaking news and expert analyses of situations and crises. We even pay for blockbuster films and trendy restaurants. Do we ever take time out to wonder about how any of this makes us feel? Are any of these the highest expression of ourselves? Can we do something about it?

Well... yes we can.

Just what is the miracle of "intelligent" life? Some scientists will define that intelligent life must "have consciousness of self" and "free-will". Not insignificantly, many spiritual movements put "consciousness" and "free-will" and the top of the spirituality scale.

Therefore let's exercise this free will! For an instant, say for 2 to 5 seconds, choose a thought. Your own choice. Whatever you wish. Then see how it makes you feel. For another 2 to 5 seconds, choose another thought. Whatever you wish. If you so desire, you can aim for something that will make you feel better. From personal experience, thoughts associated with loving one self or being proud of ones achievements make one feel better.

Do this over and over again until you become clear that at all times you can choose to think whatever you wish. And until you have noticed first hand that these thoughts that you choose affect how you do things, how you react, and what happens in your life.

Then we can no longer buy what the adds or our friends say. Then we can choose our own way to look at the world, not what the media dictates. Then we can find true ways to express our lives. Then we can start to be intelligent life, with consciousness and free-will.