The mobile revolution is the fastest growing industry in history. As a service provider to SME's, I had to find someway to bring the revolution to the mid-sized family owned businesses of Mexico. The market in Mexico is highly price sensitive due to the relatively low income of consumers. An innovative marketing aid had to be proven reasonably priced, which of course sounds completely contradictory! 

Well due to the fast growth rate of the market, solutions to build your own white-label app exist out there with automated on-line providers. However these solutions aren't adapted to the Spanish speaking Mexican entrepreneur whose time and understanding of the digital creative process are limited. 

Tailor-made solutions with specific developments on native iOS and Android platforms have existed for some time now, but the high programming costs and long lead times involved aren't adapted to SME's or independant professionals.

A solution was found working with European partners (in the UK, France and Spain) which have developed automated on-line solutions and local graphic designers and business communication experts to build the right tool at the right price.

The solution includes

✓ A personal and professionally designed App
✓ An intuitive and functional back-end app management access.
✓ Push Notification, GPS, Geo-targeting, and native app functionalities.
✓ Social network integration and contact sharing
✓ Training and useful digital marketing tips

The apps are designed, developed and on-line inside a month. This time frame is compatible with the most common Business-to-Consumer model for SME's. Furthermore, the technical software as a service App development and operation platform used as white label support offers great value.