I was introduced to this reality in September, a great number of years ago. Because of this, I noticed quite early on in my life that there is something a bit special about September. It's back to school month, end of summer, return of the rain. Great month for change. I've often changed jobs in September. Got married once in September. I remember 911 and the fear associated with that event, so imagine my NON-surprise when I first heard that September 23rd 2015 was announced as the end of the world. 

I have lived many "end of the world" episodes, however this one happens to coincide with one of the biggest business scandals in history.

I feel sorry for the people at Volkswagen who couldn't have imagined their company cheating on such a wide scale.

I also feel the deepening concern for voters everywhere who can't seem to find politicians who care or even understand what they are living from day to day. There are so many lobbies, pressure groups, media commentaries out there competing for attention that the resulting cacophony is unfathomable. The Greenpeace video below is a few years old! It is really funny, scary accurate, and lost in the background noise of competing "info". 

Volkswagen opposes key European laws that we need if we're going to save our planet from climate change. All is not lost. We feel the good in Volkswagen. Help us turn VW away from the Dark Side. JOIN THE REBELLION -

This will not remain. Signs can be seen in the rising of Tesla electric automobiles, but even this seems too much like the same old stuff. What we all really need are Star Trek transporters. Or quit the need for transport by re-organizing society. Or something in between with Uber-type public transport for the city folk. Something which is ecological, practical, and most of all which doesn't insult our us by lying, cheating and trying to hoax us into paying for a transportation system much more than what is worth by appealing to our ego and soliciting our fears. What we need is to stop competing and start cooperating.

Cooperation with our family, friends, enemies, old people, kids, redheads, and smokers. Cooperation with the INTENT of finding something that works for the people, not just for the 85 richest families of the planet. Get mad. Get upset. And say it your way.

Then look deep inside yourself. Feel the connection with others. Feel the potential, the love, the abundance, Imagine your solution and get it started. Notice others imagining their solutions and welcome it.