"What's in it for me?"

There are so many values which are not measured or mesurable today but which will make successful businesses of Tomorrow. Indeed there is a change of paradigm happening.

Let me explain.

I was recently moved by a number of statements which all seem to show where mainstream human conscience is heading.

I was moved by Monica Lewinsky in her TED talk against public shaming on the internet. In it she points out the financial benefits of public shaming while insisting that "Public shaming as a blood sport has to stop". She speaks out for compassion as a guiding emotion for our choices. She is pointing out that short term economic gain of a few is not worth a lifetime of misery for others. It is not who we ARE as a dignified living species.

So? "What's in it for me?"

I was recently reminded of a speech by Philip Wollen in a 2012 on the devastation in the animal kingdom we humans are provoking by eating them. He mentions the short term economic benefits and goes on to hypothesise on the limitations we will face, both as a race and as individuals, in a foreseeable future which cannot be precisely placed on a timeline, but painfully inevitable.

 Philip Wollen was once a vice-president at Citibank and one can only believe his economic arguments are sound. He is pointing out that short-term confort or economic gain of a minority are not worth the torture and death of billions of animals and a good percentage of our human third world population. It is not who we ARE as a dignified Species.

So? "What's in it for me?"

A few weeks ago died Marshall Rosenberg. He was a psychologist whose teachings led to many peace and peaceful negotiations including in notorious middle east countries. He inspired a few posts in this blog. He was a firm believer that humane, compassionate communication based on empathy was in itself valuable, yet not valued.

So? "What's in it for me?"

Countless of anonymous feminists throughout the world have been telling us for decades that another solution was not only possible, but PREFERABLE for ALL. 

WE, the male population bent on conquest, power and short-term gain, have refused to acknowledge this based on arguments derived from our own deformed filters and power-based reference systems.

So? "What's in it for me?"

The fact of the matter is: we must integrate other values in our exchange system. We must integrate trust, empathy, care, and add "economic" values to these concepts. It is time to rephrase that question:

"Will that make me feel better?"

The answer is YES.

"Is it worth something?"

The answer is YES.

"Is there a good business model associated with this?"

Hey... Let's make one up! Just start buying products you fundamentally see as right. Just stop buying products you fundamentally see as flawed. Take back your power and use it to contribute to this more feminine, peaceful and humane way of seeing life. The economics of it will follow!

This is a fundamental part of this new paradigm we see arising.