How important is it to you to think philosophically about the business you are running or are participating in?

Feeling good about what we are doing for a living is capital to how we perform.

I'll try to illustrate what I mean by this with a personal example.

For 7 years I improved military equipment working for  Metravib   today known a ACOEM.

For 7 years I improved military equipment working for Metravib  today known a ACOEM.

When I started out professionally I worked as a consultant for a highly reputed French engineering firm whose main clients were the defence industry and the automotive sector. As it turned out, I spent a lot of time improving French submarine technology. I stayed in that company for seven years. Seven years contributing to the French war effort in times of peace. And although I did OK, I was frustrated at not getting promoted fast enough, or at not getting chosen for the most exiting missions. Though I did progress better than most through hierarchy, and though I did get my share of very interesting projects, I was somehow feeling that I wasn't getting the recognition I deserved.

Was I suffering from inflated ego and misplaced self-pride? Or was I expecting to be paid for doing something which did not correspond to what I really wanted to contribute?

Well I changed companies a few times, working in various industrial sectors (automobile, plastics, energy...) until I realised that the real problem was that I was not in my place. Hence my performance wasn't up to what I knew it could be.

The resulting image of my self was not optimal and the quality of my work suffered.

Many years later, I was building luxury wooden homes at  Confortbois . 

Many years later, I was building luxury wooden homes at Confortbois

I have since seen countless people misplaced in their jobs (at all levels of hierarchy!), not happy and definitely not performing as they could. 

Remember, it is not just WHAT you do, it is also WHERE you do it that counts.

I strongly recommend taking some time out of your life for a structured philosophical look at your professional life. Compare what you are doing with your core values. Raise your own level of consciousness about how you feel, how is your health, how is your family life. Take time for yourself.

Then don't hesitate to change jobs. Don't hesitate to create your own activity, taking responsibility for your professional destiny.

Your professional performance will be increased AND you will feel better!