You can't keep on thinking sloppy thoughts and feeling random emotions and expect success. In order for your business to grow or your professional activity to take off, you must BE clear, THINK clearly and FEEL GOOD about it. If not, your business will stagnate or suffer the yoyo syndrome of growth/recession for ever.

As a professional, stop taking your cues from others. Stop asking your associates, stop following your competition, stop seeking trend-setting advice. Feel into what you desire for your business. What CREATION are you going to offer to the world?  What exactly is that SERVICE that feels so good to you when you bring it to others? How does the BEST expression of yourself feel and what does it look like out there in business land?

Once this is clear, then ask for help in HOW to bring it to life. Ask the marketing expert to help you bring your vision to the people who will love it (there are always people who will love what you have to offer when it represents your BEST.) Ask the finance people to dream up schemes to find money for that initial investment. Ask the MBA's to draw the appropriate business models. But stick to your CLARITY of purpose throughout this process. If it goes off track, it will start to feel bad. Get it back in line and it will feel good again.

Learn to do this, and your business will then take off and prosper in a seaming effortless fashion bringing you unexpected success.