I have come to understand what my service to you is really all about: vision.

You know, “vision”, a sort of marketing phrase used in world of business communication along with “mission” and “values” in a mish-mash of commonplace politically correct catch-words and qualities that society-at-large promotes as being “good”.

Well, my vision is about a way to do business, a way that includes respect for our fellows. I envision a business future where employees will have they say about the way they want to work, about what they feel is best for them. I envision a business where employees aren’t fired or dismissed but be shown opportunities outside the company. I envision a business where the client is not seen a potential source of income to be seduced or manipulated, but a person whose best interest is to be sought, even if your products “almost” fits. I envision a business where the stockholders or financial helpers simply finance what they believe will help others, not what will make the biggest profits. I envision a business world where these same financial angels would trust local labor, local clients and local suppliers as providers of added value for the local community as opposed to added value for the financial community.

I sometimes dream, envision, strive for change. I know there are investors, and clients, and employees, and entrepreneurs who believe that business can add a little more human value to the world than it does. In fact I know there are people who KNOW that business can add a LOT more human value to the world than it does. While staying pragmatic and anchored in real dollars, cents, and life, people are willing to live change. It is human evolution, human life, human heart. These are the bases of our experience on earth.

I am pragmatic. I know financial rewards are what businesses are all about. I also know that in the long run, creating value, adding human worth ALWAYS provides financial rewards. This is what my efforts are all about.

I have helped many businesses improve their business practices, their business focus and their identity. While doing this, they have become better places to work, better places to buy and safer places to lend money. It all comes together. These small examples work. They can become larger, more common, better known.

 Welcome to my business vision. Thank you so much for helping me with it!