It seems that the Idea that making money can at times be obsessive to some. Especially amongst entrepreneurs.

I can’t insist enough that making money cannot be considered as a goal. It can only be seen as a by-product of who you are. This is true on an individual basis, as well as on a collective basis.

When it comes to financial goals, the rule is: don’t make any.

Then what are goals? Well, in business and engineering, this word is fairly straightforward. If we want something, we express it, then express its key measurable characteristics, measure them to define the actual state, then express a desired outcome based on these measurement. Then we build a project, which is the way to get there and how long will it take.

JFK's historic "We choose the Moon" speech at Rice University on September 12th, 1962.

In the early 60’s, what the USA wanted was to be the uncontested technological leader in the world. It was thought this would bring many great things, and that the nation’s inhabitants would be happy.

The key performance factor for this dominance in technology was expressed: The exploration of space.

The measurement was set: distance away from our planet. The Russians had put a man in orbit. The USA had to go farther.

Here is the goal: “We choose to go to the Moon”

The project was set, with a deadline “in this decade”. Well they made it.

And this simple speech is referred to again and again as an example of goal setting.

Today, we realize that even though the goal was realized, it hasn’t changed the USA’s dominance in anything (the US was little ahead of the rest of the world then, and is not more so today… technologically speaking), hasn’t changed the world, and hasn’t given us anything more than a taste for technology… which today is no longer Russian but largely Chinese and Korean. And it doesn’t really matter.

Today, other values are emerging. Values of starting with “who am I?” As a human being “who am I?” As contributor to this world “WHO AM I?”

Do I see my own gain before that of my family?
Do I see my own gain before that of my friends?
Do I see my own gain before that of my community?
Do I see my own gain before that of my compatriots?
Do I see my own gain before that of my fellow human beings?
Do I see my own gain before that of my fellow living species?
Do I see my own gain before that of my environment?

Am I that person? Where do I draw the line?

One very popular set of word today is “politically correct”. By this phrase, we denote those aspects of our lives that so obviously seem to be mainstream but that we don’t adhere to. The popularity of this phrase means that we are realizing that the “official” values of society are not, or are no longer ours. It means that many people believe that we should respect, love, heal. Marianne Williamson, candidate for congress in the USA put forward the idea of “Love as business model”.

Some people understand how everything is just a single entity. Many people talk about our planet as a living organism. Many more are talk about responsibility to our children when it comes to the planet. And almost everyone spends conscious time caring for his house, garden and bedroom. Where should we draw the line about what is ours to love and care about and what is not?

What has this got to do with setting goals?

I recall that we I attended self-help classes and lectures, the goal setting session was inevitable. It started with letting you dream. “Be ambitious, think big, nothing is outside your reach!” Then came visualization, feeling the emotions, putting in details so that at feels real, and repeating it until it manifests in your reality. In many of these classes, when held by Americans, were centered on dream houses, cars, or vacations. In many of these classes, when held Europeans, were centered on your love life, quality of work, job responsibility. The words were different. The concepts were the same. Everyone it seems missed out on the ambition.

Monterrey Music group "The Peep Show"

Is it ambitious to want more? Is it ambitious to have more than your neighbour? The definition of what it means to be ambitious was forgotten. What happened to peace on earth, abundance and harmony for all? What happened to the ambition to be WHO WE REALLY ARE?

Start again your goal setting, with the proper alignment as to who you really are. Deep down inside. What do people get when they are around you?

The first goal can be small, and maybe we will never see here in this lifetime the realization of the full ambition. What counts is the alignment. That is the real ambition.

David Humeda "The Little Needle" CD

David Humeda "The Little Needle" CD

I have a friend here in Monterrey, his name is David Humeda. David is a left-handed guitar player. A guitar player’s guitar player. One night, he was in the audience of a local music group called “The Peep Show” and at the end of the concert, David stepped on the stage invited by the group’s guitar player. The David started playing a small set. Well… what can I say… it was no longer the same guitar. The music that came out of that acoustic guitar was ALIVE, the energy changed. That guitar sounded like a different instrument. EMOTION. When you get David Humeda in a room, you get a guitar player. That is who he is. Will he earn money with his guitar? I sincerely hope that he does. Will he change his line of work if he can’t make money? I sincerely hope that he does not.

What do people get when they are around David? They get music. That is the wealth he is bringing to us all. Whether it be just for himself, for his family or the whole wide world doesn’t change the basics. When he plays, we all gain. 

Young entrepreneurs the might want to reach goals linked with value, wealth, well-being. After many thousands of years of civilization, we know that these values are not measured with specific amounts of money… whatever the currency