This weekend, I attended the big show for entrepreneurs in Monterrey, Mexico: INCmty 2014. The show is quite interesting, in part because it takes place in a very business and industry minded city with a generally high entrepreneur spirit.

On the Monterrey Campus, Tecnologico de Monterrey.

On the Monterrey Campus, Tecnologico de Monterrey.

There were a great number of keynote speeches and conference and it was physically impossible to attend them all. I just walked about and entered a few of them. I don’t intend to review any specific speaker here. I just wanted to report on general impressions from the point of view of a professional in the business of helping entrepreneurs start or scale up their business.

The interesting thing is to note that two concepts that I am adamant of are very present in many presentations:

  1. Start with why: The idea at the core of a business’s strategy there has to best a reason, a quest, something important and unattainable that drives the business ideals, organization and gives it life is a concept very well accepted. While the concept is widely taught and commented by consultants and business architects, it is still underused in real life practice. Indeed many areas of business organizations aren’t specifically aligned with the company’s higher purpose, as if they were entities of their own.
  2. For start-uppers and entrepreneurs: Find your own talent or source of contentment and happiness, then figure out the business model that will go along with that. This is based on the assumption that whatever talent one has, it is useful for all of us. This is no small assumption as we are usually told quite the opposite in two ways:
    1. That talent is exceptional and that we don’t have it. (This judgmental attitude of the human self is highly developed in modern culture).
    2. That talent must be managed and directed by the needs of society.

The next step is to continue to work on these two basic aspects of human contribution and we will see a happier, more efficient and economically sustainable society.